Blazing music is a Paris based record store dedicated to the true lovers of music at large.

An eclectic selection of rare and sought after pieces, from classic soul to rock, that are literally hand picked by master craftsman Eric Blaze, a renowned music producer, doubling as a A-1 and Academy Records luminary, a two decades veteran at two world famous legendary New York city record shops.

Eric Blaze opened his own venture to fill the needs from special collectors of vinyls. By sheer experience, he understands what triggers their interest, picking through collections and selling to music aficionados for a number of years now.


The vinyls for sale at Blazing music are individually selected and imported by Eric himself, who, through his many travels to the big apple, has taken personal care in his selection displayed at the store, located in the Antiques market in northern Paris.

Not one record is left to chance at Blazing music. He knows all of his inventory because he got his hands on it.